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Jesus Vision Ministries

Out Reach Ministry

Out Reach Ministry
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Gospel out Reach Ministry

And he said unto them go ye unto all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16: 15)
As the Gospel says, JVM being an evangelistic ministry has main objective and focus to evangelize and reach out to those who are unreachable. The present challenging time requires the evangelism, as every second 4 soles are dying without Jesus.
JVM has the vision and faith to do the outreach work and for this we do the following:
1.     Train the youth for street evangelism.
2.     Mobilize the churches to take up the out reach ministry to do the practical work for reaching out to the unreached.
3.     Organize seminars through which we teach the evangelical Christians how to do the evangelism
4.     Evangelize the gentiles is our life style.
As evangelist we knows very well that we are passing through the end time and Lord Have spoken in great commission that we should evangelized the whole nations. As the early church focused and obeyed the Lord and right after the experience of the day of Pentecost they proclaimed the gospel, there were four main emphases seen in the Book of Act.
1.     Praying and fasting
2.     Preaching gospel trough signs wonders and Miracles took place.
3.     Persecution 
4.     The fruit of their ministry in those times was the church planting and more doors opened for the gospel amongst the gentiles and every where they would go and preach.
We believe that at the present age, if any church doesn’t walk on the foot-steps of the disciples and keep fellowship and witnessing the Lord in that way, they can not grow and their foundation is not on the solid rock. The clear challenge is to see the lives of the disciples and to review the mystery of the fast growth of the church in the early ages. We have to be like the church of Philippians as they were companions of Paul in the following three areas.
i) Sharing gospel     ii) praying after his ministry      iii) and supporting him financially.
And Paul has admired them for what they have done for the growth of the work of God and he strengthened them through the great words. That God will also complete his work in their lives which he have started because they were   fully following his foot steps in the work  of gospel out reach. Read (Philippians Chapter 1: 4)
Through our experience and the experience of the others we have come to know that even there is strong opposition among the gentiles for the Christian faith. This is the Dark Age but at the same time we have discovered that there is the thirst of the Word of God among the unsaved communities. There are people who like to read the Truth of Jesus. Their lives are empty and they also confess it. Many of them would like to read every thing from the beginning what does bible teaches.
And the people dying without Jesus are feeling the need that they should read some thing which can lead them to the peace and could give them satisfaction and assurance of the salvation.
The conclusion is that we should distribute the bibles among them as fast we can do because the Day of Judgment getting closer and at the top of the head.
How we do it 

We reach the unsaved communities through the certain ways


a)        Gospel tract free distribution.

b)       Bibles distribution.

c)       Jesus CD’s distribution.

d)       Friendship evangelism.

e)        Road singing ministry.  


Visit the hospitals and meet the sick people
Pray for them and give them Jesus CD and Gospel

We give them flowers and Jesus CD and Gospel
Evangelism in C.H. hospital Sheikhupura with Doctors

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