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Jesus Vision Ministries

Goals 2011-2012 & Target & Working Area and Next Working Target Area.

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Objective of Jesus Vision Ministry
Goals 2011-2012& Target & Working Area and Next Working Target Area.
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The Mape of Pakistan

Goals of 2011-2012.

Bible College

Church Planting & Home Churches

Adult Education School

Raise the Prayer Warriors Groups

Crusades / Conventions / Conferences

Bibles Free Distribution & Out Reach

Computer College

Peace Conferences & Seminars

Working areas:




Toba Tek Singh.




Next Target areas: 

1       Karachi 

2        Islamabad 

3        Rawalpindi 

4        Chitral 

5        Quetta 

6        Turbat 

7        Peshawar 

8        Treble Area



Jesus Vision Manistries of Pakistan