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Jesus Vision Ministries

Objective of Jesus Vision Ministry

Out Reach Ministry
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Objective of Jesus Vision Ministry
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Objective of J.V.M:

a)   Preaching, Teaching, Making Disciples, Ordaining God’s chosen people for spreading the word of God.

b)   Co-Coordinating with like-minded spirit filled Christians and organization.

c)   Using Internet, Radio, Literature and Music for spreading word of God.

d)   Child Ministry, Bible College, Christian Educational School’s Computer Center, Orphanages, Old age Home and lepers home.

e)   Conducting campus and Conferences convention, healing crusade, youth seminar, pastor seminar, women seminar, out reach, and leader ship seminar etc.

f)     Establishing poor rural local churches and supporting pastors according to the response.

g)   Open Christian T.V. Station. Complex (every thing in one place Church, sketching factory, school, housing colony, community Center) etc.


Don't forget about Sunday School at 9:30AM each week!

Jesus Vision Manistries of Pakistan