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Sports Evangelism "Play For Jesus"

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Sports Evangelism "Play For Jesus"
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Sports provide a universal language that is understood all over the world. Such a communication is available in spite of cultural, social, political, religious, and linguistic barriers.
One way to influence people around us is through sports. Many people either play sports or love to watch them. This the way to show His love for others.

“Play For Jesus”
JVM Aim: To save the young generation from drug addictions especially among Christians through the word of God.
If we do not change the thinking of youngsters today!
Then they will not change our tomorrow.

Today’s Christian younger,
They seem to be going afar from his real goal. He is badly entangled in the worldly activities and social evils. He is far from God and found in depth evils. These are the common evils in today’s society such as
• Hemp chewing
• Smoking
• Wine drinking
• Adulteration etc…
Our young generation is adopting these as part and parcel of their lives. It is very sad and dangerous that a younger Christian does not only use them but also found busy in its sale. It is time to think!

How will be our future Church…?
It will be explained through the thinking and preference of our young generation that how will be our future church. The lack of positive thinking and an exemplary character in them is the results of not watering our saplings proper way which will grow a healthy tree.
So by feeling it a burden in heart (JVM) has arranged an effort to save our future church in interesting and positive way.
Challenge for us:
It is our first and foremost duty to ornament our generation with the real love of Jesus Christ Who has said in His Holy word
I am the way, the truth and the life (john 6:14)
It is also our duty to let next generation dye in the precious blood of Jesus Christ.
It is also the duty of all of us to uproot the roots of terrorism hate and discrimination and sow the seeds of love of Jesus Christ to harvest the crop of love and create the atmosphere full of love, brotherhood and living for others. JVM believes that if we sell the weapons and buy roses of love the fragrance will never come to an end. It can only be possible if we provide the real disciples like peter, John and Paul to our future generation and it can only be done if the thinking of our youngsters gets the positive way of love.
So it is also our responsibility to show them real way of living so that His kingdom may enlarged. Unless we find new ways to attract the secular / Nominal Christian youngsters people around us, we will not fulfill the Great Commission that Christ gave us.

Let us play our own role and feel that it is our responsibility to save our future church from the evils of the world and work for the kingdom of almighty God

The church offers several activities for our younger members. Some of the more popular activities are:

* Bible study
* Habitat for Humanity
* Sports Activities
* Sunday School

Don't forget about Sunday School at 3:30 Pm every Sunday evening!

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