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Jesus Vision Ministries

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Our Values:

1-Worship: We are transformed as we offer ourselves to God through worship.

2-Evangelism & Mission: Jesus final command to the church was to go throughout the world and make disciples. Therefore, we are proactive in reaching out to others both locally and globally. Vision goes for preaching in those places where there is no evangelism.

 3-The word of God: God as the final authority for our lives and has revealed His mind heat, and will to us through the Bible. Therefore, we live our lives based on it and are committed to providing regular instruction in its teachings.

4-Giving: God has blessed us and held nothing back from us. Therefore we respond by offering both our means and our talents to Him and His service.

5-Multi-Cultural: The Holy Spirit unites believers regardless of culture. We reflect the inclusive heart of God in worship and participation.

6-Creativity & Freedom: the Bible teaches that where the Spirit of the Lords is, there is liberty, and that Jesus died to set us free. Therefore, we embrace and encourage creativity and freedom in our service of God.

7-Leadership: Our leaders are committed to work as a term is serving the church. They help identify and develop and release each person, God has given gifts and talents. Vision is to train children, young men, and women for leadership in Gospel work, to make disciples and send them out everywhere to preach and teach the word of God. Vision is going for preaching in those places where there is no evangelism.

8-To Raise the Prayer Warriors Groups: We have one prayer warrior’s group in every house church. They are backbone of our ministry.





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