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“Buried and Reborn”

I lay in my bed feeling so fed up this night Pondered with life, why things were not right,I heard a quiet voice, ‘twas calling my name, from that day on, things have not been the same,It was a faint voice I heard, while lying in bed, a strange but pleasant voice, as if in my head, It seemed soft and gentle, quite soothing and calm. This warms sounding voice, which held no alarm. I lay very still there listened intently with care my whole being appeared to be lifting form despair. It was the voice of Jesus, savior of all men, God’s Son, I’d not heard of, Since I don’t know when, Now I was weary, recalling his status and power yet he stayed, and we talked, for well over an hour, My fears disappeared; I lay my burdens on him, My heart surely opened wide and I let Jesus in. Jesus, full knew the all, of my burdensome soul knew all my hopes all my wants and goals. He knew all my wrongs. All my life all my rights right from a child to a men, lost of spiritual sight. I asked him to help me, to heal me that day and asked him for guidance, to show me the way. Jesus asked did I love God in Heaven above, with no others in the way, was God placed first love? I answered Jesus I don’t but I will if you say, you should seek this, he said, I’ll show you the way. Then I felt some thing leave me a weight left my heart. It was all my life’s darkest; I was given a fresh start. Then Jesus touched me, saying, be no more defiled start afresh reborn in life as Gods loving child. Walk securely in the knowledge, I’m always there, and as I’ve dealt with you, treat others, show care. Today, well I never look back, just forward, each day

The salvation, light of Jesus ever leads me heavens way,

John 11:25


Jesus Loves Me

“When life weighs heavy”

When no one in the world wants to listen to you or there seems no solution none at all, what to do. When all the world within, is weighing you down, you feel sad or low at heart, and you wear a frown. When you want so much, for things to be right, and can’t sleep a wink, while thinking each night.

Remember there is a voice, softly calling to you, Talk straight back to it, hear it, its faithful and true. This is the voice of heaven, deep in your heat, Been there since birth, and in each of us, a part. And whatever belief, race or creed may be, whatever the face, of your God is that you see. Know that a spirit, within you, is also way down. Bogged with the heartache, that causes your frown. Maybe this is why so many seek Heaven in life. Far easier an option, that bitterness and strife. But whether Heaven or religion, what ever is in you, it lies within quietly calling, so softly, it’s true. Its saying don’t try so hard, and don’t you be beat, Talk to me; tell me, for I will ease all your defeat. It’s a line direct to Heaven, to your very own God, Clearing a light through the path you’re to trod, So when the entire world, is weighing down on you. It’s not the end, there’s many have been there too.


“Jesus the Heart Surgeon”

Removing this with love and care, a body seemed as if lay dead there kept alive but by love and grace, Needing its heart in repair of despair Removing all the damaged parts, he replaced each and all now with new only such a craftsman as this, was a master of this work indeed true within where dark gray areas showed, he flowed in new life force that day while looks upon the lying body there, turned to smiles it’s Safe to relay. He studied this well, most masterfully, had to ensure all within was right working steadily, Show truly and sure, the body this glowed in delight after repairing all the damage done, he replaced the heart home once more this was not a surgeon my friends, bur ‘twas Jesus whom I Love and adore. You see often things cannot be fixed, by man regardless all this great skills we’ve always hope within Jesus, regardless what the damage, of life’s hills 

Jesus Vision Manistries of Pakistan